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Watched Moneyball this weekend. It recounts the short period of time when the Oakland A’s had a 20 win streak thanks to the use of sabermetrics. This method relies on the statistics in baseball rather than personal knowledge of players or scout’s intuition about a player’s possible performance.

MoneyballThe movie was interesting, but overall slow paced. You can’t expect a fast paced movie about baseball. To me, watching a game of baseball is like watching paint dry. So, if you talk about a movie about baseball, Moneyball fared pretty well. Did it deserve an Oscar mention? Probably not. Jonah Hill is pretty good as the geek coming up with the system, and Brad Pitt looks surprisingly old. I watched this movie in an .avi format and the quality wasn’t great. I can barely imagine what his face looks like on Blu-Ray. Ouch! A good time waster but that is a definite rental, not a purchase unless you are baseball-crazy. Which is not that far off from just-crazy.

Anyways, that’s that.

PD out.


Killer Elite

Hello everyone, welcome to my Blog and let’s start with the review of a movie I recently watched over the weeked called “Killer Elite”.

As the title implies, there is much killing and the protagonists are pretty much “elite” at doing it.

The movie recounts the events of the allegedly true story of a mercenary (Jason Statham) charged with killing three SAS commandos in

exchange for his mentor’s (Robert DeNiro) release at the hands of an Oman Sheikh. A secret society within the SAS get involved when they

have wind of the plot and their enforcer (Clive Owen) gives chase to Danny (Statham) and his acolytes. The movie is full of action and, without

giving away the ending, a number of twists and turns and of the hunter being hunted and vice versa. The running time of this movie is

suprisingly long for this type of action flick with 116 minutes. I did wonder at one point if it was going to end, which isn’t good. What else isn’t so

good is Clive Owen’s mustache. He looks like a policeman on duty, notwisthanding the lack of doughnuts.

So, overall, this movie was a bit of a letdown. The fact that it was based on a true story usually helps in other movies but not in this one.